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A Team of Technology Dweebs, Like-Minded Storytellers and Creative Junkies



Doug Downey
Doug has been a fanatical entrepreneur for over 30 years. His keen eye for creative design and his ability to think outside the box has allowed him to discover a unique business niche that has been a driving force behind The ImageFactory success for more than 15 years. Doug has been credited for his advanced technology and design skills through international design competitions with CorelDraw. Doug’s avid leadership and cleverness has brought him to present at conferences and teach individual businesses/personnel techniques on CorelDraw. His inspiration, imaginative spirit, and dedication, is contagious and evident in the work that he has done. A 6’7” tall, proud family man, a rink rat, and a web-obsessed individual, is always discovering the big idea.



Jim Jordan
Jim is our Web Developer and website designer that meets specific customer needs through active communication, on-line marketing campaigns, branding and reliability.  Years of experience have brought him a great reputation, currently managing and maintaining 100+ websites for companies across Canada.
Jim graduated from Fanshawe College with a diploma in Advanced Multimedia Design and Production and also obtained a Graphic Design certificate from Conestoga College.  Jim is an active member of many non-profit organizations including volunteer work with the Vancouver Firefighter’s Charitable Society and the Stratford Perth Hospice.  Jim’s a west-coast outdoor adventurer, sports lover and team player.