About Us

The ImageFactory was born many years ago when designing signs and graphic art was created by means of a paintbrush and a canvas. Holding a paintbrush above the canvas created a splash, a splash of paint or ink.


Ink is a liquid or paste that contains pigments or dyes and is used to color a surface to produce an image, text, or design. We found ink was unique in the sense it would splat in different directions, bring colour and enhancement, and leave a permanent mark. This is how we define ourselves.

As an independent advertising and design agency we offer a range of services in different industries. Like a splash of ink we are capable of emerging and thriving in a variety markets, through strategic branding, integrated campaigns and digital engagement, we can virtually do it all.

We bring colour and a sense of revitalization to new and existing companies that are looking to regain a relevance and clarity within their market, who are looking for a facelift in regards to their brand image and identity, and who want to become more attractive to their consumers.

We have found great success and left a permanent mark on the companies we have worked with. Many years of experience has helped us establish dominant presence in such a competitive market.

The ImageFactory entrepreneurial spirit encompasses imagination, passion and thinking.

The ImageFactory, manages and builds everything in-house which helps us develop and maintain a loyal, trusting relationships with our perspective and existing clients.  We specialize in helping companies turn dreams and creative thoughts into reality.

Our collective design and marketing experience allows our team to collaborate so we can accomplish our goal of helping companies find success through great advertising and brand imaging.

Our modern, innovative resources help us develop and produce corporate identities and sales promotions through print and integrated multimedia campaign. We exceed standards and understand the efforts needed to make your company extraordinary, whatever the size may be.

Our superior customer satisfaction and take pride in our commitment to communicate effectively. We achieve great communication by devoting our energy to listening to our client’s business needs and objectives and establish ways to deliver the right message to the desired audience.

Our expertise in social media allows us to keep our clients current with the fast pace of society and progress ideas that advance our client’s unique business niche.

Our vision as a design and advertising agency is to continue to develop and direct small, local businesses into great leaders within their perspective industries, while working with large corporations to press upon the importance of effective communication, projecting their core values and inspire growth and awareness.